two wrens birds pink peonies double happiness oriental ginger jar pink stationery vintage books

Wrens and Peonies
30x24 inches / oil on canvas
This exquisite painting is one of my favorites with the two darling little wrens hopping about in this elaborate floral still life arrangement.  Beyond the obvious cascading bouquet of peonies in the cracked and peeling Oriental Double Happiness ginger jar and vintage gilt books, are details such as a journal "Leaves of Gold" that my father gave me, softly bending over the drop leaf cherry table.  The journal has a red ribbon bookmark in it and the cover is worn and torn at one corner.  The two Wrens were so realistic (wish I had a better camera back then) and painted lifesized with one of the wrens holding an insect in it's beak.  Other details that I so enjoy are the dewdrops, ants (without them we'd not have any blossoms) and of course our tireless honeybees hovering about this elaborate floral.